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last updated May 10, 2021

Privacy Policy

We're committed to (a) doing our job while collecting as little information as possible, and (b) protecting that data.

When you submit an application, your data, including technical information like your IP address, is stored in a secure database at MDVS/NEFEC, and can only be accessed by yourself (with the management link), by selected MDVS staff (typically 2 people), and, if a student application, by selected staff at the district requested (typically 1 or 2 people).

When a student application is approved, district staff will use your data as required to complete the process. At that point, your data will be used outside of MDVS and will no longer be covered by this policy. The exact usage will vary by district and options chosen; please check with the district if you'd like more information.

For instructor applications, and for student applications that are not approved, your data will remain securely with MDVS. We will never share your data beyond what we describe above.

We do reserve the right to cross-reference your data with other internal MDVS/NEFEC data in order to serve you better.

There's currently no option to delete your data online; please contact us directly. However, please note that under Florida public records law, we legally won't be able to delete everything.

We use Google Analytics (which creates cookies) and standard web server logs to record general, non-personally-identifying website usage data, for our internal use only.

If we use additional cookies, they'll be to remember your preferences or make other website enhancements, and never for tracking or sharing.

Terms of Service

This website may only be used in good faith, and in the manner in which it was intended.

Specifically, this website is for submitting and managing legitimate MDVS student and instructor applications using the tools provided.

Any other use, or any attempt to alter or circumvent an existing process, is prohibited.

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Privacy & Terms